Bitcoin Jewel

Bitcoin network hardfork on Cryptis Intelligent proprietary algorithm

Cryptis Intelligent algorithm

We are developing a unique algorithm that will speed up the network uptime and implement all the necessary protocols as well as improve the security and anonymity of users.

Anonymity and decentralization

Thanks to the new Cryptis Security security protocol, user transactions are completely anonymous, the information is transmitted in encrypted form, and the wallets do not require any data.

Transaction rate

Introduction of the Cryptis Lightning Network technology allows you to make payments almost instantly, thereby allowing the use of cryptocurrency in any payment transactions around the world.

Minimum fees

The Cryptis Intelligent algorithm helped reduce and stabilize transfer fees in spite of the workload and complexity of network computing.

Mining on different platforms

For Bitcoin Jewel cryptocurrency, mining will be available on GPU processors and using mining devices (ASIC)

All leading cryptoexchanges

After hardfork, cryptocurrency appear on all popular cryptoexchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex, Kraken, HitBTC, EXMO, Live Coin and many others.

Hardware wallets support

Cryptis Offline Secure algorithm allows you to use Offline hardware wallets of Ledger, TREZOR and KeepKey manufacturers, and store your Bitcoin Jewel outside the online network.

BTJ Pay own payment aggregator

Together with the release of cryptocurrency, the Cryptis team is developing the BTJ Pay payment system, in which we implement payment APIs for various platforms and projects, as well as launch plastic cards that will be directly linked to the BTJ wallet.

The development of Bitcoin Jewel has been started...

All information will be published in the news of Cryptis Limited