Real Estate Tokenization Platform Fortem Has Announced Its IEO at Coinsbit Exchange

Coinsbit a crypto currency exchange in EU is scheduled to have its first Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) in first week of July. Fortem Capital Token a product of Fortem Capital, which will focus on tokenization of the real world assets. It is believed to be a venture which will transform people in this worlds transfer value, invest and trades. Fotrem consist of experts that are oriented towards real estate development, commercialization and renovation of historical buildings, condominiums, penthouses and also investments in plots. Fortem plans to tokenize the complete real estate market in Poland and offering this innovative solution. The core team of the project is experienced and involved in this industry for several years now. The investment portfolio of Fortem currently stands at the value of $41 Million USD.

By implementation and execution of this innovative tokenized solutions, Fortem aims to extends it reach amongst its potential customers while automating the synergy with its investors via token named FCQ which is designed to work on the platform. Offerings by Fortem attracts the investors from Poland and abroad alike with major focus on retail investors. This diversification of all capital sources brings more stability to the enterprise and will significantly increase the competitiveness of FCQ.

By offering these technological solutions Fortem will increase the users for the company as they are opening the real estate market of Poland for foreign investors and also resulting in elimination of middlemen and agents’ that at-times also hinder local investors. This structure will focus both on sellers as well as buyers of real estate. The functioning of platform incorporates some basic tools that will determine the prices of various properties, management of prevailing assets and also for determining profits from servicing clients.

The final resultant of product will be an ecosystem for recorded clients and investors that will automate the managements of its users, simplification of communication between parties, automatically accounting revenues and accelerates estimation of real estate assets.

The Fortem’s Initial Exchange Offering that is scheduled to happen in single phase that will last from 4th of July 2019 to 7th of July 2019, a total of 210 Million FCQ tokens will be sold at
price of $0.20 each on Coinsbit exchange. The soft cap for the Fortem project is $2 million and hard cap lies at $42 million. Once the IEO at Coinsbit get over, the distribution of token will take place over 2 weeks time. 10% tokens are reserved for team, while the other 10% are reserved for airdrops and bounty programs and the balance 80% will be sold at the IEO.

The Coinsbit team stated that, they were diligently working towards offering an IEO on their exchange from last 6 months. They were really overwhelmed and happy while announcing the very first Initial Exchange offering on their platform. It was acknowledged that through Coinsbit exchange Fortem will be able to initiate operations of their business.

Earlier several fiat currencies were added to Coinsbit exchange via different partner processing services, hence allowing several traditional investors also to take part in this IEO happening on their exchange. The Coinsbit teams have announced that they have partnered with 4 more projects that will have their IEO on their exchange in summer of 2019 and along with this they have also announced the launch of loan service against cryptocurrency collaterals in 3rd quarter of 2019.

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